In-Line regenerative extruder

A unique selling point of SIKOPLAST are the machines of the SIKOREX series, which are more and more used especially in the nonwoven production process. Simplified, this is essentially a recycling extruder with the typical design of a conical screw, which is equipped with one or two independently operated material feeders. Here, the edge strips of the fleece winder are drawn inline, converted into melt and directly fed back into the extrusion process as melt, i.e. injected into the production extruder of the line. The second infeed can simultaneously process damaged or start-up rolls, in most cases in full width.


Innovations in the nonwoven sector

SIKOPLAST, open to new ideas, is facing a trend in the nonwoven sector: the hydrophilic or water-jet bonded fleece with the delivery of a modified line where edge strips and start-up rolls made of this material are directly fed into the production process as a melt. The modified recycling extruder has to be equipped with a longer screw (6 x L/D) because degassing is required, i.e. a vacuum suction pump must also be used. Furthermore, the use of a dosing pump must be planned.


How it works

  • The material is fed directly from the winder (edge trim) and/or from the unwind stand (rolls) through one or two infeed units.
  • It is then picked up, compressed and melted in the feed section of the extruder.
  • The built-in pressure sensor monitors the melt pressure.
  • The screen changer is used for melt filtration.
  • A controlled return rate can be set at the melt pump.
  • A flush bore hole allows the system to be started up easily.
  • In the last step, the plastic melt is fed through a melt pipe into the production plant. An integrated non-return valve prevents the melt from flowing back from the production line into the SIKOREX extruder.

Areas of application

  • Especially developed for the fleece and PE/PP film industry
  • Nonwovens (SMS) with high MFI values and 100% "melt blown" content can be processed with maximum process stability
  • Direct return of production residues in the form of melt to the production plant or a raw material reactor (e.g. for PA/PET fibres)
  • For the return of reel goods or for direct edge trim return with infeed speeds of up to 375 m/min. Special solutions up to 600 m/min and more are available on request.
  • Existing systems can be easily retrofitted.

Structure of the machine

This graphic shows the basic construction of a SIKOREX plant

  • 1. Draw-in roller, off-line
  • 2. Draw-in roller, in-line
  • 3. Extruder
  • 4. Pressure sensor
  • 5. Screen changers
  • 6. Melt pump
  • 7. Wash boring
  • 8. Non-return valve
  • 9. Production extruder

Benefits of our in-line regranulation systems

Extruder systems offline

Our recycling extruders - optimised for the feeding of light, non-free-flowing feed materials.

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Sikorex edge trim system

The SIKOREX series form the basis for an economic preparation - optimised for the return of roll material or for direct edge trim return.

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Hybrid edge trim system

The HYBRID system covers all requirements of a modern spunbond production - even on high-speed winders with speeds above 1,500 m/min a direct edge trim return is guaranteed.

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Washing plants

Our washing system with friction washer and the patented wet separation stage with integrated pre-flotation enable above-average purity grades, even with heavily soiled feed material.

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