Bagging station

SIKOPLAST bagging station is available including blower, piping and cyclone for filling the conveyed material into octabins or big bags.

Options as gravimetric as well as volumetric specification.

Standard selection between 1-3 ejections.

Incl. suspension device for displaying and determining the weight and automatic switching to the next filling station when fully loaded.

Extruder systems offline

Our recycling extruders - optimised for the feeding of light, non-free-flowing feed materials.

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Sikorex edge trim system

The SIKOREX series form the basis for an economic preparation - optimised for the return of roll material or for direct edge trim return.

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Hybrid edge trim system

The HYBRID system covers all requirements of a modern spunbond production - even on high-speed winders with speeds above 1,500 m/min a direct edge trim return is guaranteed.

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Washing plants

Our washing system with friction washer and the patented wet separation stage with integrated pre-flotation enable above-average purity grades, even with heavily soiled feed material.

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